We are brand beautiful Al Quran number 1 in Indonesia

Washable Cover

Al Quran with a removable coverwhich can be washed.

Coloured Tajwid Marker

Coloured tajwid marker that make easy to learn and read Al Quran.

Premium Quality

Al Quran with quality raw materials and guaranted quality.

QPP (Quran Paper)

Quran Paper is different from ordinary paper, because QPP is made specifically for Al Quran.

PT Madina Raihan Makmur was established on May 25, 2012 in Bandung. At the beginning of the establishment Madina Al Quran had a mission to make Al Quran as a teenage friend, this was based on concern over the number of delinquency that occurred among teenagers. Teenagers who are the next generation of the nation are the hope of the formation of the Quran generation. Madina Al Quran comes with creative and innovative products campaigning for teenagers to return close to the Qur’an so that teenagers have clear and precise life guidelines. Together we try to make the Koran in the world, with the hope that the Koran will make us friends and give us intercession in the hereafter.

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