Washable Cover

Al Quran with a removable cover and washable material to keep it clean.

Coloured Tajwid Marker

Coloured tajwid marker that makes you easier to learn and read Al Quran.

Premium Quality

Al Quran with good quality of raw materials, guaranteed.

QPP (Quran Paper)

Quran Paper meets the specific qualifications to print alQuran at it's best and long-lasting quality.

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Our Profile

PT Madina Raihan Makmur was established on May 25, 2012 in Bandung, Indonesia. Madina al Quran’s mission is to encourage teenage Muslims to have al Quran as their life guidance as well as their best friend. This was based on concern over the number of delinquency that occurred among teenagers. We realized that teenagers, are the hope for Quranic generation in the future. Madina Al Quran comes with creative and innovative products campaigning for teenagers to have them love, learn, and apply Quranic values. Furthermore, we aim to spread Al Quran values and contribute to all Muslim society worldwide.

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